Great Eastern Hwy Shoulder Widening

Georgiou Group

Glen Forrest, WA

Scope of Work

Box out with 1m & 2m Profiler to a depth of 350mm. Side paving conducted in 2 laterite layers with a 200mm sub-base and 150mm base course. Widths of both layers varies from 1m – 2.8m. All material was placed and compacted with final trim to Mainroads tolerances and specifications

  • 7800Lm of Road Widening to various widths


Dowsing was able to achieve up to 800T laid (712Lm), compacted and final trim in the one shift. All works completed was under a lane closure with live traffic interface to contend with constantly. The combined truck movements for the project came to a total 460 with zero incidents.


Feb 2019 – April 2019

Tonne of Material
Project Man hours