Bindoon Moora Rd Side Paving

Raubex Construction

Perth, WA

March to April 2021

Scope of Work

Raubex, together with Main Roads, required a contractor to perform side paving works on Bindoon Moora Rd as part of the shoulder widening project.

Scope of works included:

  • Placement of 1.2m wide laterite material, trucking and side paving.
  • Material placed for 51km on each side of Bindoon Moora Rd (102km in total).
  • Material placed 100mm above existing road seal level to allow for sufficient stabilisation of the material prior to seal

To achieve the daily material placement requirements for the project, our project methodology was fine tuned to ensure the correct number of semi-trailers were available to meet the daily demand.

Two potential pits where gravel could be sourced was available and with effective pre-planning, Dowsing liaised with the relevant stakeholders to book well in advance to meet the program requirements.

A stop-go traffic management system was used for safe working zones along the busy road and railway line crossing. Lane closure was needed with traffic controllers every 2km to ensure traffic was managed effectively with the correct exclusion zones at critical crossings.


With schedules and daily timeframes of high importance, Dowsing worked efficiently and collaboratively to allow sufficient time for the stabilisation company to follow behind.

The Dowsing civil team completed the project one week ahead of schedule with no environmental or safety concerns.