Kingsway Bus Embayment

Public Transport Authority

Darch, WA

September to October 2020

Scope of Work

The PTA together with the City of Wanneroo and the Ashdale Secondary College required the construction of a bus embayment along Kingsway in Darch, WA and engaged the Dowsing civil team to undertake the project.

The scope of works involved:

  • Removal of 12 trees, existing hard stand, and shelter.
  • Removal of the existing garrison fencing, site security, box out of existing landscaped area.
  • Roads build up construction for the new bus embayment, including limestone, road base, seal and placement of semi mountable and barrier kerb along with 40mm DG asphalt.

Due to the nature of the surrounding area a two-course retaining wall was required and placement of the existing removed fence at the new alignment approx. 20mm from the retaining wall.

Minimal disruption to the local residents and school community was required and the project was requested to be delivered during the school holidays. This resulted in working Saturdays to achieve the practical completion date as other activities followed on from the construction of the embayment.


Careful planning and stakeholder management was key to the success of this project. Due to the Dowsing civil team’s extensive experience constructing bus embayments, the quality of workmanship, a focus on minimizing community disruption and strategic project management of all involved resulted in a safe boarding area for the school children of Ashdale Secondary college.