Abernethy Road Footpath and Drainage Works

City of Belmont

Cloverdale, WA

March 2022

Scope of Work

The Abernethy Road/Fulham Road intersection is a high traffic location connected to the Belmont Forum shopping centre. To improve the ageing infrastructure at the corners of the intersection, the City of Belmont engaged Dowsing Group to upgrade the concrete footpaths and drainage.

Due to the restrictions with working on roads with high traffic volumes, and in accordance with Main Roads WA guidelines, all footpath construction and civil works were undertaken at night.

The scope of works included the following:

Footpath Construction

  • All preparation and excavation work including Dial Before You Dig (DBYD)
  • Removal of existing concrete footpath sections and brick paving
  • Construction of concrete footpaths, pram ramps and kerbing
  • Resident liaison
  • Backfilling and reinstatement work including brick paving and island infills

Civil Works – drainage upgrade

  • Plating of 4x manhole pits to a depth of 350mm below FRL including cold mix cover
  • Raise and set of 4x trafficable manholes to 40mm above the foamed bitumen stabilisation surface
  • Installation of temporary cold mix asphalt ramps
  • Removal and re-height of 2x service valves to 350mm depth


The Dowsing Hardscapes team and Civil Services team worked together in an integrated approach to perform the complimentary scope of works which resulted in achieving deliverables ahead of schedule and a significant cost savings for the City.

With complex traffic management in place and strict time constraints, it was critical for works to be performed with no project delays.

To ensure the road was trafficable from 6am, Dowsing recommended the use of a specialised rapid set concrete mix for the manhole pit reinstatements, which ensured the concrete was set and cured within a 3hr timeframe for road users to minimise any potential asset damage throughout the project.