5 x “All in one” Roundabout Program

City of Armadale

Gillam Drive, Champion Drive, Gribble Ave & Eight Ave – Seville Grove / Kelmscott WA

Scope of Work

The City of Armadale were experiencing issues with existing roundabouts due to cracking and chips, causing multiple hazards with concrete debris obstructing road users. This was partly due to the roundabouts being constructed and concrete poured in separate portions. Dowsing were engaged by the City of Armadale to come up with a solution to this ongoing issue. The solution that Dowsing proposed was an “All in one” solution which consisted of:

  • Demolition and disposal of existing roundabout
  • Mountable kerb with 200mm key poured simultaneously with 150mm thick concrete infill
  • SL82 mesh with steel pins located 750mm apart from kerb edge
  • Pouring of 300m think barrier kerb on the inner edge of concrete infill section
  • Faux pave stencil pattern
  • Traffic management


The City of Armadale were extremely pleased with the first two trial roundabouts and have made this design part of their design for all future roundabout works. Not only does the “All in one” roundabout save costs on traffic management as there is no requirement to have kerbing contractors on site, the structural benefits of this design makes for less remedial works for the future.


Jan 2020 – Mar 2020

Roundabouts completed