Seahaven Reserve Dog Park - Chalmers St, Waikiki

City of Rockingham

Waikiki, WA

October  – December 2020

Scope of Work

As the largest dog park in the City of Rockingham, Dowsing was engaged to provide concreting services for the new off-leash dog park and exercise area, Seahaven Reserve Dog Park. Working with the City of Rockingham in early September, Dowsing was scoped with the excavation and shaping works for the limestone and fencing works as well as the in-situ concrete footpath, concrete in fill and seat pad works later in the project.


Due to some of the concrete areas being particularly large, a motorised trowel machine was utilised to complete the concrete works to the specifications. A pan finish was completed in the circular nibs to delineate the areas and add a nicer finish for the concrete in the absence of upgrading to colour or exposed finishes.

Dowsing received positive feedback from the City of Rockingham and the local residents and users of the dog park.