Karratha Road Train Assembly Upgrade


Karratha, WA

September 2020

Scope of Work

Ventia, together with Main Roads, required concrete works for the construction of a road train assembly area, including an overtaking lane, at the intersection of Madigan Rd and North West Coastal Highway in Karratha.

The project was designed to allow road trains to break down and assemble safely, providing heavy vehicle operators with an opportunity to manage fatigue issues. In addition, the overtaking lane would also address traffic congestion on North West Coastal Highway.

The scope of works included the following:

  • 180m3 of 250mm thick concrete crossovers with fresh smooth trowel machine finish
  • 120m3 of 120mm thick red oxide concrete N20 infill to kerbed island on and including 70mm sand bed with broom finish


Due to changes with the initial project plans, our planning and procurement for the project required on-site adjustments to meet the actual project material requirements. With supply constraints in Karratha, to fulfill the change in scope quick thinking was required to ensure project deliverables and agreed timelines were achievable.

Adapting to the change in scope, the project schedule was altered to accommodate the lag in materials by constructing the kerbed island before the crossovers, which was originally planned in reverse.

The project schedule was not impacted due to the material shortage however was affected by sever cyclone weather that pushed the program back by 3 weeks.

All project stakeholders were informed of project schedule changes and our client was very satisfied with the quick turnaround.