Recently acquired by Dowsing Group and Michael McLean, Seovic Civil Engineering is an Australian owned and operated company that specialises in concrete slipforming, diamond grinding and grooving technologies. Seovic Civil pioneered slipforming in Australia for over thirty years and as a result, it is almost impossible to travel anywhere in Australia without seeing or driving on work that has been completed by Seovic Civil.

Dowsing + Seovic Civil

Seovic Civil is Australia’s largest and most experienced constructor of slipformed concrete products and an Australian slipform industry leader. Offering innovative concrete solutions and drawing on decades of local experience, Seovic Civil’s renowned expertise in enhancing Australian road infrastructure has built a reputation for providing quality workmanship, with high productivity, to consistently produce outstanding results.

Expanding Dowsing Group’s national presence, the Seovic Civil team represent Dowsing in NSW. Equipped with an understanding of local project needs and backed by the broader Group’s values, quality systems and management expertise, Seovic Civil confidently deliver high-quality outcomes for slipform and diamond grinding projects of any size, on time and within budget.

  • Dowsing NSW
  • Australia’s largest concrete slipform contractor
  • Diamond grinding and grooving specialists
  • Over 30 years experience in the industry
  • Accredited Quality Management Systems
  • Innovative cutting-edge technology
  • Quality plant & equipment
  • Slipforming to the specific needs of all projects
  • Strategic supplier relationships

Dowsing NSW Capabilities

Barriers and walls

Concrete barriers improve traffic safety on roads, effective in withstanding median cross-overs & other potentially serious motor accidents. The strength & durability of concrete barriers and walls allows substantial forces to be sustained.


Concrete pavements are now one of the best investments available to all government and council authorities. Long life, low maintenance, proven safety and the good riding quality obtainable are all major benefits.

Drains & Canals

A wide selection of drains and canals has been constructed by Seovic including Box Drains, Canal, Conduit Drains, V-Drains, Variable Width and Water Channels. Concrete can be easily shaped and formed with many colours available.

Diamond Grinding

Diamond Grinding is a cost effective and alternative method to restore deteriorated and out of specification concrete or asphalt pavement surfaces. It involves the removal of a layer of hardened concrete using diamond blades.

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