New Zealand

Following the integration of A1 Highways into our operations, our New Zealand division now offers specialised slipform solutions designed to accommodate projects of all scales, particularly catering to extensive infrastructure undertakings.

With an expanded and technologically advanced fleet of slipform equipment—a result of the latest acquisition and recent additional plant procurement from Seovic NZ—we stand at the forefront, empowered to deliver high-quality, innovative concrete structures including barriers, kerbs, drains, and bridge parapets across New Zealand.

Delivering an unsurpassed Slipform solution

We work collaboratively with contractors to deliver on time and on budget. With our proven experience, we help ensure all aspects of the project are considered and and taken into account including safety issues and construction methodology leading to a seamless, cost effective construction program.



  • Unrivalled slipforming capabilities
  • Kerbing and channels
  • V-drains
  • Concrete safety barriers and walls
  • Pavements
  • The flexibility to deliver from a team that gives a shit

Barriers and walls

Concrete barriers improve traffic safety on roads, effective in withstanding median cross-overs & other potentially serious motor accidents. The strength & durability of concrete barriers and walls allows substantial forces to be sustained.


Concrete pavements are now one of the best investments available to all government and council authorities. Long life, low maintenance, proven safety and the good riding quality obtainable are all major benefits.

Drains & Canals

A wide selection of drains and canals has been constructed by Dowsing NSW including Box Drains, Canal, Conduit Drains, V-Drains, Variable Width and Water Channels. Concrete can be easily shaped and formed with many colours available.

Diamond Grinding

Diamond Grinding is a cost effective and alternative method to restore deteriorated and out of specification concrete or asphalt pavement surfaces. It involves the removal of a layer of hardened concrete using diamond blades.

New Zealand

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